Prosciutto Wrapped Scallops


Need a delicious appetizer for this weekend's dinner party? This one always comes in first place among scallop lovers.

  • Ingredients:
    1. 1 dozen medium slices of prosciutto ham; the leaner the better
    2. 1 dozen extra large sea scallops; completely thawed if purchased frozen
    3. 1/4 cup basil pesto sauce; store bought brand or see sauce page for recipe
  • Directions:
    1. Lay ham on flat baking sheet. 
    2. Lightly brush each piece of ham with pesto sauce.
    3. Warm remaining pesto in a small saucepan on low hold in place.
    4. Add 1 scallop to each piece of ham, roll it up & place toothpick through to hold in place.
    5. Place scallop rolls in a preheated 425 degree oven for 7-10 minutes.
    6. Remove & transfer to serving plate & drizzle with the remaining warm pesto sauce.
    7. Serve with a smile of confidence knowing that these will be a big hit!