Chicken Salad Wraps


Enjoy life "On The Go" with these Chicken Salad Wraps. They're simple to make & delicious to eat!

  • Ingredients:
    1. 1 large can of chicken, drained; white albacore tuna is also an option
    2. 1 medium tomato; diced
    3. 4 medium celery stalks; finely chopped
    4. 2 small carrots; shredded
    5. 2 Tbsp fresh dill; finely chopped
    6. 2 Tbsp Mayonaise; we prefer Kraft with olive oil
    7. 1 tsp spicy brown mustard
    8. 1 small can pineapple bits; drained
    9. cumin powder; dash
    10. 4 pieces of lettuce, washed; we prefer bib lettuce
    11. 1 medium bunch of red seedless grapes; washed & slice 10-12 in halves
    12. 1 pkg fresh strawberries; washed & sliced as a side item
  • Directions:
    1. Mix all ingredients except strawberries together in a large mixing bowl.
    2. Place a piece of lettuce on each wrap.
    3. Add chicken or tuna salad to wrap, fold & roll up tightly.
    4. Serve with remaining red grapes and fresh strawberries.
    5. Enjoy life On The Go!