Perfect Pesto Pasta


Pasta is always a delicious option for an easy meal when you're "On The Go!" This Pesto Pasta recipe is a nice variation to ordinary pasta dishes.

  • Ingredients:
    1. 2/3 cup basil pesto
    2. 1-9 oz package of bow tie pasta
    3. 1 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
    4. 3 cloves garlic; minced
    5. 1 cup tomatoes; cherry or sun-dried
    6. 1/2 cup pitted black olives; sliced thin (optional)
    7. sea salt & fresh ground black pepper; to taste
  • Directions:
    1. Start by cooking pasta according to package instructions.
    2. While pasta is cooking place pesto in a large bowl.
    3. Heat olive oil in large skillet on medium high heat.
    4. Add garlic and stir until soft, approx.1 minute.
    5. Add tomatoes & olives, cook while stirring for about 3 minutes.
    6. Add salt & pepper.
    7. Drain cooked pasta, save 1/3 cup of the water.
    8. Add to the pesto & whisk.
    9. Add the pasta to the pesto, toss to combine, add tomatoes & olives.
    10. Sprinkle with shaved parmesan reggiano or romano cheese, serve & enjoy.